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The Travel Industry’s Best April Fools’ Jokes

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Mark you calendar today is the launch of glass-bottom planes, Skyping in space, Google Treasure Maps, a Toshiba tube top laptop, and vowel-less social media on Twttr…..Oh wait, April Fools’ Day!

Keep reading for all of the latest products that might not change the travel world, but are worth a good laugh.

Richard Branson’s Glass-Bottom Plane

Virgin Atlantic has two surprises in store today. In addition to its first domestic route between the UK and Scotland, the airline will unveil its glass-bottom plane. The aircraft is supposedly designed to be identical to the standard Airbus A320 except with a “clear strip made from aviation-standard glass” so that the plane’s bottom is completely see-through.

Branson boasted in a personal blog, “another world-first with the introduction of the technology required to produce the world’s first glass-bottomed plane.”

X Marks the Treasure Map

We all know to avoid Apple Maps as we travel, but Google Maps has now added a new feature: Treasure Maps!

The treasure map original belonged to a pirate, “William ‘Captain’ Kidd” and it was found when the Google team was doing some street-view research underwater in the Indian Ocean. According to the video below, there’s a code to crack and you’ll find X’s in Bermuda, New York, Boston and San Francisco’s Treasure Island.

Skype into Space

Skype is a go-to travel app for avoiding foreign transaction fees, but roaming fees get even steeper when you cross cyberspace. The new solution, “Skype into Space” has several new features that the technology promotions as “one video call for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

In addition to instant messaging and video chat, the program offers a host of new features for the space traveler including extreme gravitational resilience, automatic video ration and additional language support for all the new life forms you might encounter.

Tube Top vs. Lap Top

We’ve all been waiting for the day that we can take our laptop with us to the pool or the beach. Toshiba has the solution to this first class problem, with the laptop tube top. It’s not waterproof, but thanks to a brightly colored inflatable tube, you can use it while swimming or bathing..

Better than water wings, to inflate the tube you press and hold the CTRL and ALT keys and then type in P-U-M-P.

Twt on Twttr

Who doesn’t want to tweet or well twt from the road? The social network that prides itself on brevity is now launching a two-iered model. The premium service for $5 a month will include vowels, while the basic service will be consonants only save for “y.” Twitter, now known as Twttr, noted on its blog, “we believe that ‘Y’ should always be free to everyone — today and forever.”

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