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Travel with the Millionaires’ Magician Steve Cohen

Locations in this article:  Brooklyn, NY Las Vegas, NV London, England

Peter first met magician Steve Cohen when he attended his show in a private suite within the legendary Waldorf Astoria. Cohen, also known as  the Millionaires’ Magician,  hosts an intimate magic show that is one of the toughest tickets in town. But Peter realized there is a bigger show here that the rest of the world needs see. That was the start of Lost Magic: Decoded, now a 2-hour special airing on the History Channel at 9 pm ET on October 18,  which Peter co-executive produced. The show won’t just show you amazing tricks, but the stories and the histories behind those famous illusions. Peter sat down with Cohen for a sneak peek at the finished product.

Peter Greenberg: To give everybody an idea of Lost Magic, this isn’t just Steve standing up and doing tricks. We’re actually taking a trip. We’re taking the audience all around the world to show them where tricks that have not been done in dozens, decades, and in some cases a few hundred years, were once performed, and you’re doing them again.

Steve Cohen: Exactly. Some of these illusions have never been performed, but because they are so legendary we have figured out ways to make them come back to life.

There are some real revelations here, it’s not just that pulling a rabbit out of a hat or a quarter from behind your ear.

PG: You did it in front of my face and I couldn’t figure it out.

SC: That doesn’t play too well on television.

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