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Travel Tip: Real-Time Nature Apps

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If there’s one cool thing about mobile apps, it’s that you can get information in real time. And you know where that comes in really handy? When you’re out tracking nature.

Yellowstone National Park has a new app that gets you real-time updates of wildlife sightings when you’re out in the park. It’ll give you notifications of recently spotted wildlife and you can also upload your own sightings.

And there’s no bigger disappointment than going to see fall foliage only to find that the colors aren’t so great. Check out the Leaf Peeper app which compiles user-generated information on where the leaves are changing and how vibrant the colors are.

Of course, the one drawback of having all this information at your fingertips…everyone else has it too! Which means you might end up drawing a crowd, or driving straight toward one.

But here’s a cool one that doesn’t even require you getting off the couch. The Instant Wild app captures images of wild animals—everywhere from Kenya to Sri Lanka to Mongolia. Your job? To help identify these creatures from a list of possibilities. You’re basically doing the gruntwork for the Zoological Society of London to help track rare and endangered species.

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