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Travel Tip: Unusual Airport Transportation

Locations in this article:  London, England

Around the world, airports and train stations are coming up with some very creative ways to address congestion and of course, your long wait times.

At London’s Heathrow Airport, new electrically-powered ‘pod cars’ are zipping passengers to the parking lots at British Airway’s Terminal 5. These white, bug-eyed pods carry up to four passengers and their luggage, all without the need for a driver.The pods have greatly reduced the travel time and airports in the U.S. are currently reviewing the system.

In Singapore, the Changi Airport looked to the playground for a solution to escalator congestion. In fact, the airport recently installed the world’s largest airport slide. Passengers slide down to a lower level, at about 19-feet per second.

In the Netherlands, the Overvecht train station in the city of Utrecht has also adopted a slide system to move people around, only they’re referring to it as a “transfer accelerator”. The slide sits next to the extended stairway, giving passengers a breezy alternatve to the steps.

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Feature Image Credit: Changi Airport Group