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Travel Tip: Sites to Help You Pack Well

packing cubesIf you’re someone who leaves behind your toothbrush when you travel, there is help available. Here are some great Web sites that will help you remember all the items you need. helps travelers make customized lists for items they will need, depending on the trip.

The site offers lists for different types of holidays such as beach getaways, winter sports, camping, or cruising.

Once you log in, it organizes the list into what you what you need to think about early on, two weeks before, one week before, and the day before the trip.

The site will even send you email reminders.

On the Universal Packing List’s site, you can specify your destination and even the climate.

The site generates a list of things you need to do before your trip, such as getting necessary vaccinations, and reminds you of the important documents you’ll need.

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