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“Secret” Flights for Better Service and Savings

Locations in this article:  Auckland, New Zealand Brussels, Belgium London, England Los Angeles, CA Toronto, Canada

You may have heard of something called secret flights: These are unusual routes flown by airlines that you would never expect. Find them, and you may have a much better flying experience.

Want to fly to Europe in style? Indian airline Jet Airways flies from Toronto, New York or New Jersey—non-stop— to Brussels.

Flying from Los Angeles to London usually means a layover in New York. But not if you fly Air New Zealand, which has a daily non-stop flight on its way from Auckland.

If you want to get from New York to Frankfurt, sure you could take Lufthansa, Delta or Continental. But you can also fly the award-winning Singapore Airlines.

Foreign carriers often provide better customer service, more comfortable seating, and better food than U.S. carriers on the same route.

And because these flights are less known, you may find fewer crowds and lower prices.

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