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Travel Tip: Personal Technology Butlers

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Travel Tip: Personal Technology Butlers

Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty outrageous services at hotels. Many are
over the top, but some can actually save the day.  

If you want to see really extreme service, just look at luxury brands like the
Ritz-Carlton, which has everything from bath butler to a shoe butler.

While it’s unclear how many have needed the services of a bath butler, several
Ritz-Carlton properties have a service that HAS come in handy: a technology

Now, that’s basically a glorified version of “tech support,” but these guys are
available 24/7 to troubleshoot your computer issues.

At the Dorchester in London, e-butlers are on site to help guests with a range
of technological tasks, whether it’s dealing with Internet glitches to setting
up virtual meetings with another country.

Affinia hotels and The Benjamin in New York also have 24/7 technology butlers.

One of their biggest perks: if you forget to pack a charger, they’ll provide it
for you.

But remember, you don’t necessarily have to stay in a luxury property to get
this kind of service.

If you need tech assistance or simply left your charger at home, just ask, and
you might very well receive.  They just may not call it “butler service.”

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