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Travel Tip: Bus And Motorcoach Safety

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When you travel by bus, you’re effectively putting your life in someone else’s hands.

So what safety measures are in place for travelers?

First, you should rest assured that motor coach travel is still one of the safest forms of transportation out there.

At least 750 million people travel by motor coach every year, with an average of 19 deaths per year.

But there are some places where older vehicles are lacking in safety measures. Right now, there’s a bill on that table that would require stabilizers on buses to prevent rollovers, stronger windows and roofs, and perhaps most important, seat belts.

After all, you wouldn’t get into a car without buckling up, so why would you get on a bus without being secured?

The good news is that some companies have voluntarily installed lap and shoulder belts. About 205 Greyhound buses and all 75 of BoltBus coaches have seat belts.

If you want to vet a private bus company, check out the the DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration page, which allows you to research the safety record of tour and charter services around the country.

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