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Travel Tip: Airport Apps

Locations in this article:  Dallas, TX

Between overpacked flights and fewer non-stop routes, chances are, you’re going to get stuck at the airport.

So why not arm yourself with tools to make the experience a little easier?

I’m talking about mobile apps designed specifically for airports.

FLYsmart is a new application for the iPhone and Android  with complete terminal directories. That means you can track down your gate, nearby ATMs, shops, and other amenities. The app also tracks flight arrivals and departures.

If you’re a real travel nerd, why not tune into what the pilots are saying? That’s right, the application LiveATC Air Radio taps into live air traffic audio feeds, so you can hear what’s happening out there … in real-time.

GateGuru is another popular one. This one hones in on the really important amenities in airports: the restaurants.

And don’t forget to see what specific airports and airlines are offering.

With British Airways, you can check in using your mobile device.

Meanwhile, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport has a Valet app to make parking reservations straight from your phone.

Believe me, with technology these days, if there’s a service you need, chances are there will be an app for that.

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