Eye on Travel

Eye on Travel — Brooklyn, New York — March 26, 2022

This week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel comes from the Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, New York as I’ll do the first of five special shows over the next few months from each of New York City’s boroughs. I’ll have all the latest travel updates from around the world, from Ukraine and from your backyard. Then, I’m joined by Antonio Reynoso, the Borough President of Brooklyn, on the development of what he claims is the hottest borough in New York, not to mention the diverse communities that characterize Brooklyn. We’ll talk about the hidden gems of the Brooklyn Museum (which is itself a hidden gem); Dr. Raymond Codrington, President and Chief Executive Officer at Weeksville Heritage Center, discusses the history of Weeksville, the historic black community in Brooklyn. And no show about Brooklyn would be complete without mention of Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park at Coney Island, an attraction synonymous with Coney Island. There’s all this and more on this week’s Eye on Travel.