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Prices Lower After Coronavirus Fears


In another installment of the law of unintended consequences, airfares around the world are plummeting in the wake of the fears surrounding the coronavirus. And the same is happening with cruise ship fares and hotel room rates.


It’s not just to or from China, where airlines have canceled their entire schedules to Asia in many cases through May, but also to many of the destinations around the world popular with Chinese travelers.


As a result, roundtrip airfares to Paris have been as low as $230.


From London to Oslo, prices have been as low as $68. From Istanbul to Vienna, tickets have been $88. This is unheard of.


But even more surprising, there’s every reason to believe the airfares will be this low through at least July. This also means hotel occupancies have dropped, in some locations by 18%, so room rates are being discounted as well.


So plan properly, practice common sense personal hygiene and you can travel both responsibly and affordably.