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Radio Guest List –Marriott Resort in Saint Kitts– February 15, 2020

This week’s episode of Eye on Travel comes to you from the Marriott Resort on the island of Saint Kitts. Peter has an update on the coronavirus, as well as some newly reported airline failures. Joining Peter this week is Costas Christ, Editor-At-Large for National Geographic Traveler and Founder of Beyond Green Travel, to talk about the brave new world of flight shaming and environmental impact awareness. Loushan Dickson, Senior News Reporter for St. Kitts Nevis Observer, talks about the surprising history of the island including Alexander Hamilton’s childhood home. Victoria O’Flaherty, from the National Archives, explains the evolution of a fascinating oral history of Saint Kitts, complete with never before told tales about sugar and slavery. And Gene Sloan, Senior Reporter for Cruise and Travel, talks about the hot new cruise ships of 2020. There’s all this and more as Eye on Travel broadcasts from the Marriott Resort on Saint Kitts.

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Loushan Dickson, Senior News Reporter for St Kitts Nevis Observer, talks about some of the most surprising and interesting history of the island, especially that of Alexander Hamilton’s origins and childhood home. Some of Dickson’s favorite spots include Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park and hiking on Mount Liamuiga. Did you know that bars are basically open 24 hours a day, especially on weekends? And perhaps that’s the reason that gang violence has declined so much within the past year.


O’Neil Mulraine, Rainforest Tourist Champion, talks about the smallest rainforest in the world and its 400 species of trees. He gives an interesting history of the overpopulation of monkeys and lack of snakes. He also explains why there aren’t very many animals on his carefree nature walks. With 44 years of experience, he is more than an expert on the matter.


Leonard Stapleton, Saint Kitts and Nevis Historian, explains the very different class system that exists on the island due to its history and culture. He tells the story of Lawyer Steven from England as well as the story of slave emancipation on Saint Kitts. He also speaks about Alexander Hamilton’s background and the influence it had on his perception of the United State Constitution. Brimstone Hill is also a monumental landmark as it represents the cooperation of whites and blacks for over 300 years, creating a self-sustaining fortress.


Allison Spencer, Founder and Owner of Spratnet, talks about her 25-year-old business, which consists of a cluster of picnic tables and a grill. It sits on the edge of the water and you can literally watch your meal sail in from sea. Serving a variety of seafood, the business also features live music throughout the week as well as a marketplace. She also serves her amazing Johnny cakes that were her mother’s recipe.


Victoria O’Flaherty, Director of Archives at the National Archives, explains how the written records of the island’s history have been destroyed so it is an oral history. The sugar industry of Saint Kitts is one of intrigues, and she sheds light on the ownership of the territory over the years. As the Director of Archives, she says it’s interesting that there is a very limited amount of written record on the sugar industry, slavery, and plantations on the island. And this is due to wars, climate, and transfers of power. In fact, the proof of indigenous existence is only found in census reports that are now public record in England.


Costas Christ, Editor-At-Large for National Geographic Traveler and Founder of Beyond Green Travel, talks with Peter about the era of flight shaming and environmental impact, trade wars with farmers in China and biofuels in planes. They discuss how we have to go beyond the fact that we just “care” about the planet and climate and need to get more personal with one-time plastic use products. Costas also shares the three most important questions to ask before you travel anywhere.


Gene Sloan, Senior Reporter for Cruise and Travel, talks about the hot new ships of 2020. These ships range from giants like Carnival’s new Mardi Gras, which will have its first-ever roller coaster to small and hardy expedition ships and a cool sailing ship from Sea Cloud Cruises. Plus, he’ll chat about startup lines like Virgin Voyages and Ritz-Carlton’s Yacht Collection.