Eye on Travel

Eye on Travel — Quintessence Hotel in Anguilla — January 4, 2020

This week’s Eye on Travel broadcasts from the British West Indies — and from the Quintessence Hotel on Long Bay in Anguilla. We’ll have another update on the Boeing 737 Max and a projection of the year in planes, trains and automobiles as we begin 2020. We’ll also discuss the Quintessence. It’s a hotel with a remarkable story and an unconventional American owner — mega trial lawyer Geoffrey Fieger, who built the hotel to his own standards and in just one year secured Relais and Chateaux status. How does the lawyer who represented everyone from Dr. Jack Kevorkian to Scott Peterson emerge as a premiere hotel owner? That’s just part of the Anguilla story. Melinda Blanchard, Founder of Blanchard’s Restaurant (and bestselling author) has another great story of her long-standing love affair with the island. And looking back on 2019, when 28 airlines in Europe failed, we’ll be joined by Mike Boyd with a look at the coming year in airline travel — and airfares as well. And we’ll answer your emails! There’s all this and more as Eye on Travel broadcasts from the Quintessence Hotel in Anguilla.

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