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Rail Passes: What You Should Know

Welcome to the brave new world of rail passes, both overseas and in the United States.


The Eurail Pass is perhaps the best known, and this year, it’s offering a global pass. The global pass covers 31 countries and England for the first time. There’s even a 10% senior discount. And there are Eurail passes for individual countries as well. 


One thing that hasn’t changed is that you still need to buy the Eurail pass in the United States in conjunction with your international airline ticket.


In the United States, Amtrak still has a 15 and 30-day rail pass for as low as $500 for adults and $250 for kids under 12 with on and off privileges.


It’s a terrific bargain, but Amtrak does a terrible job of letting people know about it. So you need to ask.