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Travel Tip: Countries with the Fastest Internet Speeds

According to the Internet World Stats, internet users compose of 55% of the world’s total population. Now we all know that slow internet can ruin your day. But in some cities around the world, it’s more likely to happen than in others. 
British data analysis firm Cable ranked 200 countries based on the speed of their internet.
The top 10 countries are predominantly European. But can you guess the country with the fastest internet? It’s Singapore. The country’s average speed is 60.39 megabits per second.
The second fastest is Sweden with a speed of 46 megabits per second. And in the third position is Denmark, where the average speed is 43.9 per second. 
And what about the U.S.? There’s bad news. We are only number 20 with an average internet speed of 25.86 megabits per second. This is slower than in many countries with much smaller economies including Romania, Latvia and Hungary. To make you feel better, the U.K. has it even worse–ranked at number 35. 
In the last spot on the list is Yemen. The internet there is just 0.31 megabits per second, which is 82 times slower than what we have in the U.S. 
By Peter Greenberg for