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Travel Tip: The Reason Your Plane Feels More Crowded

Consider this. More than 201 million additional passengers boarded U.S. airlines flights in 2017 than they did back in 2005. But U.S. carriers actually operated 1.6 million fewer flights last year than in 2005.

Now let’s do the math. That’s why your plane seems more crowded and crunched, because it is. But it’s actually even worse than that with airlines also adding additional seats to all planes.

Ten years ago, the average flight on U.S. carriers carried an average of 69 passengers. Now the average load is up to 91 passengers, which is a 32% jump.

And now it’s basically physically impossible for any plane to accommodate all of its passengers’ carry-on bags.

What’s the takeaway here? It’s simple. Do the math again and you better board early or your bags won’t make it.

By Peter Greenberg for

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