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Travel Tip: How Not to Be Stuck in the Worst Airplane Seats

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Lufthansa New SeatsIn these days of reduced service and more competition for seats, too many of us get stuck with the worst seats on the plane. But there are some ways around it.

Don’t assume every seat is available online. Airlines will actually hold back its inventory to get passengers to pay more for premium seats. They’ll also hold the better seats for high-yield business travelers who often book last minute.

Don’t get fooled by the term “preferred seat.” It doesn’t mean the same thing as “premium.” Many airlines defined preferred as a seat that’s closer to the front of the plane. That doesn’t mean it’s IN the front, it’s just closer.

An airline might charge more for a bulkhead seat or exit row, but that’s not always the best option. You may be giving up storage space and recline.

When booking a flight—whether it’s online or over the phone—don’t pick your seat before getting all the information. One helpful tool is, which gives you detailed information on each and every seat.

If a seat has limited legroom, no recline, or lacks a power port, it’ll tell you that. And then you can make an informed decision.

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