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Travel Tip: Hurricane Season 2018

This may be the quiet before the storms.

Each year, the forecasters from Colorado State University give out their predictions for hurricane seasons. And as so many areas are still recovering from Harvey, Irma and Maria, get ready for above average hurricane season for 2018.

The Colorado State experts predict 14 named tropical storms, many of which will become hurricanes. And in case you’re wondering, a tropical storm becomes a hurricane when its sustained wind speed goes above 74 miles per hour.

And of the seven predicted hurricanes, there’s an even more dire prediction. Three are expected to spin into category five storms with winds of 111 miles per hour or greater.

And while the Atlantic hurricane season has been expanded to begin June 1 and extend through November 30, there are no guarantees that the storms won’t hit before or after those dates.

There is no need go buy plywood and extra water supplies yet, but the folks at Colorado State have had a pretty good prognostication record.

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