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Travel Tip: The Most Annoying Things People Do on Planes

What are the most annoying things people do on planes — the stuff your fellow passengers do that are disgusting, obnoxious or just drive you crazy? A recent survey asked frequent flyers to weigh in on the most annoying habits of their fellow passengers.


And the number one most disgusting, annoying thing?


It’s when the passenger next to you takes off his shoes and socks—90% said that going barefoot on a flight is the worst trait.


What’s next? It’s the seat kicker, bumper or grabber and followed by a passenger who smells.


Parents who let their kids run wild on the plane comes in number three. And of course, and not surprisingly, there are the personal space violators– as in who controls the armrest.


And the least surprising survey result? Nine out of 10 Americans say they prefer to be left alone on their flights.


So please, keep your shoes on the next time you fly!


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