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Travel Tip: The Problem With Inebriated Airline Passengers

20160716_195727Does it seem that there are more inebriated airline passengers this summer?

My airline sources report an increase in flight diversions, detentions, and arrests of drunk passengers.

Many board planes already “overserved.”

How much are people drinking?

Consider this: Jet2, a European airline, has announced it is banning the sale of alcohol aboard its morning flights.

The airline is calling upon the airports it serves to also impose an alcohol sales ban.

It could possibly be a blueprint for other airlines and airports around the world to follow.

Jet2 also went one step further and asked for airport retailers who sell alcohol to only do so in sealed bags.

The reason for the airline’s new policy?

In the last year, the airline has refused to fly more than 500 passengers who were trying to board their planes drunk.

Fifty of those drunken passengers have already received a lifetime flight ban from the airline.

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