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Travel Tip: Destination Fees and What You Can Do About Them

When it comes to hotel pricing, you’ve heard me talk before about some of the more insidious fees that hotels like to tack on over and above their quoted room rate–an early check out charge and of course the dreaded and draconian, resort fee–which in some cases can be as high as $40 a night.

Now, some New York hotels are trying to generate even more ancillary revenue and have invented something called a $25 a night, “destination fee.” And in many hotels, it’s mandatory.
What is a destination fee? It’s just a poorly disguised resort fee now charged at urban hotels. And at some hotels, these new destination fees aren’t being disclosed at the time of booking. And how much revenue are we talking about? These destination fees are daily and are now added to the record $2.7 billion charged by hotels last year.
So what can you do about them?
If they’re not disclosed, you can dispute the charge on your credit card or you can try to negotiate the fees before you confirm your reservation and give them your credit card. But don’t just check in to your hotel and not review your bill before checking out. Deal with the problem either before you check in or before you leave the hotel.
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