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Travel Tip: What You Should Know Before Buying Airfare Online

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

If you’re like most travelers, you book much of your airline travel online.

But are you buying your tickets on the web through a third party?

Many websites are offering supposedly rock-bottom airfares, but along with the promised savings comes more uncertainty.

You’re aware of the mega sites such as Expedia and Priceline, but have you heard of sites like JustFly, Gotogate, HOP2, Faregeek, KissAndFly, and others?

If you really want to be a good comparison shopper, always compare the fares on these sites with the airline sites themselves.

While these other sites may offer bookable fares, the real test is what happens if your flight is delayed or canceled, or if you need to change your reservation.

Many third party sites don’t have 24-hour customer service offices staffed with real people.

Or their rules may be different when it comes to cancellations or change fees.

Before you hit any keystrokes, try calling the airline directly.

They don’t always display all their available inventory on the web, and you might be pleasantly surprised by fares that will never be offered online.

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