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Travel Tip: How Facial Recognition is Used Around the World

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons User Emmaliveai

Locations in this article:  Barcelona, Spain Beijing, China

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons User Emmaliveai

U.S. Customs and Border Protection will soon begin to use facial recognition technology to screen incoming passengers.

But the technology is already being used in many other locations.

In China, ATMs are starting to use facial recognition to match your face to your account before you withdraw cash.

Facial recognition at some city intersections now identifies jaywalkers.

At a Beijing Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, a face reader estimates customers’ ages and moods to recommend menu items.

Not to be outdone, a comedy club in Barcelona uses facial recognition technology to track how much audience members enjoyed each show.

It adds about 38 cents to their bill every time they laugh. That can get expensive—and I’m not laughing.

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