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Travel Tip: Increased Security Screening at Airports

The next time you fly, get ready for some new security screening changes by the TSA at airport checkpoints.

For example, are you wearing a cast or using a wheelchair?

You’re not going to get a free pass here.

You can expect more thorough screening for any passenger with a disability or a mobility issue.

More passengers will be required to dump out all of their electronic items from their carry on bags—not just their laptops—and then they will be x-rayed separately.

This especially applies to batteries.

So what does this mean to you? No surprise here—longer lines, of course.

Secondary inspections will take more time.

It also means that if you’re wearing a pacemaker or other medical device, or have any metal implants, that you should announce this much earlier to TSA officers.

It also helps to bring a letter from your doctor explaining the device as well as its specific location on your body.

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