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Travel Tip: Is TSA PreCheck Faster than Regular Security Lines?

Image Credit: @tsa on Instagram

Image Credit: @tsa on Instagram

If you like short security lines, then you should be a fan of the TSA PreCheck program.

It vets trusted travelers and puts them in a special security line where they don’t have to take off their jackets, remove their shoes, or take out their laptops.

In theory, it’s a great idea, but it all depends how long the PreCheck lines are—and therein lies the problem.

Time and time again, I’ve shown up at the airport to see 2 people in the regular security line and 35 people in the PreCheck line. Even with the hassle of taking off my shoes and removing my jacket and laptop, the regular line was faster.

In many cases, the people in the PreCheck line weren’t even members of the program, but were sent there by other TSA agents to “sample” the program.

They had no idea why they were in that line and proceeded to take off their jackets, shoes, and take out their laptops anyway, defeating the whole purpose.

So, the next time you go to the airport, check the length of the lines, even if you’re a PreCheck member.

You might actually save time in the regular line. Absurd, but true.

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