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Travel Tip: How Effective is Airport Security Screening in the US?

So how good is airport security in the U.S.?

The latest report shows that the TSA is sorely lacking in its core mission to intercept weapons, explosives, and ammunition.

About 18 months ago, the Inspector General sent agents to test the TSA at various airports. 

Their findings were stunning.

About 97 percent of the time the TSA failed to detect guns, weapons, and explosives.

That’s an overwhelming and alarming figure.

So what was the TSA’s response? Slow down the process.

What’s the result? Longer lines.

But was it successful?

When the Inspector General tried again to see if there was an improvement, the TSA failed to find and intercept those explosives and weapons 80 percent of the time.

That’s an improvement, but it’s still unacceptable.

How can this be fixed? With better training, of course.

But even more important, there needs to be better communication skills between the frontline TSA agents and passengers.

For the moment, be prepared for slower lines at security checkpoints because the TSA wants to spend more time looking at those bags.

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