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Travel Tip: Fewer Travelers Are Bumped Off Flights

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Image Credit: Alessandra Taryn

Want to hear a little good news?

The airlines have gotten better at controlling and managing their inventory as well as their schedule and their passenger loads.

There have also been a record low number of passengers bumped from flights during the high season months of July, August, and September.

The dozen largest airlines in the U.S. reported bumping—or as they say, denied boarding—2,745 passengers during the third quarter of the year.

During the same quarter last year, nearly 12,000 people were bumped.

That’s a significant drop—and a record low since the Transportation Department began tracking these statistics in 1995.

Who bumped the most? Spirit, Frontier, and Southwest.

Who bumped the least? Delta, Virgin, JetBlue, and United.

The number of flyers denied boarding improved after David Dao was dragged off of a United flight back in April.

After the incident went viral, people around the world voiced their outrage—as well as their own experiences of being bumped from flights.

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