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Travel Tip: More Airlines Try to Fit Even More People on Airplanes

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Just when you thought your coach seat couldn’t get more uncomfortable, think again.

A number of airlines are quietly trying to squeeze more seats into the back of the plane.

United Airlines is starting to reconfigure the coach seating on its wide-body 777 aircraft—on long-haul flights.

The airline will add 21 additional seats on these planes.

What this means is that United will be flying 777s with 10 across seating.

Other airlines may follow suit.

It’s all based on increasing revenue per flight, especially on long-haul routes.

This may also extend to Amtrak, where trains used to boast more legroom in coach than on first class planes.

Look for new coach seating on trains as well, which will effectively mean less legroom and more passengers on each train.

For more information about how planes are squeezing people on board, check out:

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