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Travel Tip: Watch Out For These New Airline Fees

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Welcome to the home of the brave—and the land of the fee.

Just when you thought all those extra airline charges had reached a saturation point, think again.

Consider this: ten years ago, the airlines generated about $2.1 billion in ancillary fees.

This included ticket change fees, charges for checked luggage, etc.

Today, the airlines have racked up $28 billion in fees—more than they profit from actually flying the planes or operating as airlines.

But wait—it’s about to get worse.

Airlines are now charging to process frequent flyer miles, auctioning off better seats and many more items.

Now there will also be a gate service fee. What’s that?

If you get to the gate with a bag you’re not able to stow in the overhead bin or beneath the seat in front of you, United and American have created a new fee of $25 to check that bag at the gate.

United calls it a “gate handling charge.” American calls it a “gate service fee.”

What is it? It’s actually a penalty on top of a fee.

So I’m at least warning you.

What’s next? A fee for breathing? Don’t hold your breath.

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