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Travel Tip: Why Multi-generational Trips Are A Growing Travel Trend

Image Credit: Margot Black

Image Credit: Margot Black

What are the hottest family travel trends?

Recently, the luxury travel network Virtuoso surveyed its travel advisers to see what American families are now looking for in a vacation experience.

Number one on the list was not a beach resort.

It’s an active adventure trip.

Beach resorts came in at number two.

What was number three?

It was way ahead of things like educational trips, cultural immersion, ocean or river cruises, or simply touring.

It’s also one of the fastest growing segments in family travel: mother/daughter, father/son, or multi-generational family trips.

So, what’s the takeaway from this research?

It’s simple and perhaps compelling.

There may not be much that keeps families together today, except perhaps for travel.

The family that travels together stays together…at least as long as the trip lasts.

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