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Travel Tip: Is Your Personal Information On Your Hotel Key Card?

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When you check into a hotel and receive your key card, is that card itself a security risk?

What can a cyber thief do with that key card that can compromise your security and safety?

What information is on that black magnetic stripe on the back of the card—and how can you protect yourself?

More often than not, the key card only contains information about your name in the form of a coded security number.

It also includes information about when you have access to the room and when you’re supposed to check out.

Your security risk is minimal.

It’s an urban myth that your hotel key card contains your personal information or your home address. It doesn’t.

The only thing a clever hacker can do is duplicate the key.

But first the hacker would need to know your name and room number, or the duplicate key would be worthless.

Still, it’s always a good idea to protect your card during your stay.

If you lose it, don’t ask for a duplicate at the front desk.

Ask them to code you a new one.

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