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Travel Tip: When Americans Drink Too Much at All-Inclusive Resorts

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You may have heard reports about Americans getting sick or even dying after drinking alcohol at some all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.

The charge is that some of these resorts may be serving tainted booze to travelers.

At this point, the investigation is ongoing.

There’s still no hard evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the resorts.

But nothing beats common sense when visiting any all-inclusive resort in Mexico or anywhere else.

Being in an all-inclusive resort doesn’t give you the green light to be irresponsible and overindulge.

It should be noted that all of these reported incidents happened on the first day of these folks’ trips. Coincidence?

Here’s a fact: Sun, dehydration, and alcohol is a surefire recipe for trouble.

Please try to pace yourselves—even when you know it’s all-inclusive.

When ordering alcohol, it won’t offend the establishment if you ask to see the bottle and read the label.

If you’re sitting at the bar, notice if booze is being poured from a sealed bottle or can.

Plus, don’t forget that sunscreen.

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