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Travel Tip: The Trouble with Flying & Eating Too Much

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foodIf you’re a frequent flyer, you might not want to hear this news.

But it appears that the more you fly, the fatter you get.

Is it the airline food? The altitude?

The humidity inside the plane?

Could it be the airport?

Turns out, it’s all of the above.

From the time we get to the airport until we arrive at our destination, we’re consuming an average of 3,400 calories. That’s a lot.

Why so much? One argument is the reason why we eat when we travel.

Most of us don’t eat when we fly because we’re hungry—we eat because we’re bored.

To make things even worse, many of us don’t buy healthy food at the airport, and we eat even worse on the plane.

What’s the result? We eat more than we should, and what we shouldn’t.

Most folks should be averaging about 2,000 calories a day.

You know what that means—we’re eating more and we’re not exactly burning off those calories during the flight.

The result? We gain weight. Talk about excess baggage.

My advice? A little advance planning. BYO—as in fruit. Plus, don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water on the plane.

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