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Travel Tip: What Kind Of Tipper Are You?

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Do you normally tip for service at restaurants?

What about when you take a cab?

How about for the Skycap at the airport?

If so, what kind of tipper are you?

A new report by surveyed 1,000 adults across America—and the results might surprise you.

The best tippers are men, Republicans from the Northeast, and those paying with a credit card.

Their tips average about 20 percent.

But women, folks from the South, or anyone paying with cash tipped around 15 percent.

The tip amount also depends on the kind of restaurant or star rating of the hotel.

There’s not a lot of tipping in fast food restaurants, even though the receipt has a spot for a tip.

Speaking of tipping, I’ve got a tip for you.

When you get your restaurant bill, do you tip on the total amount on the tab, or the actual food cost before taxes are added?

Most people tip based on the total.

Frugal travelers only tip on the actual service and food cost.

Even though most hard-working servers are expecting a tip based on the total bill, some people find it excessive to tip as much as 20 percent on taxes.

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