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Travel Tip: Tipping the Unsung Heroes of the Travel Industry

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money(1)It remains one of the most confusing aspects of travel.

Do I tip? If so, to whom do I tip, and how much?

If you’re looking for me to give you a definitive answer to that question, here’s a tip: there isn’t one.

But common sense dictates rewarding someone for a job well done, as opposed to rewarding them simply because a tip is expected.

Think first of the people who really do the work: housekeepers at hotels, the guy who busses your table, the rental car shuttle bus driver, the airport wheel chair attendant, etc.

These are the unsung heroes—not just hotel concierges and maître d’s.

They can make the most positive difference in your travel experience.

As a rule of thumb, or at least my thumb, tip your hotel maids $5 to $10 a day—they work so hard.

What about the shuttle bus driver? Generally, $1 is appropriate. Or, give him $2 if he’s hauling your bags on and off the bus.

If you need a wheelchair attendant, you’re not just paying him to get you to the gate, but he’s also there waiting with you.

Time is money—thank him with a $10 or $20 tip.

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