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Travel Tip: Deals On International Plane Tickets Continue to Soar

Image Credit: Alessandra Taryn

Locations in this article:  Dublin, Ireland Los Angeles, CA

Image Credit: Alessandra Taryn

It’s been nothing short of an explosion in flights this summer.

This increase is not by U.S. airlines, but by foreign low-cost carriers running long-haul flights from their countries to U.S. cities—at seriously discounted prices.

In fact, these carriers have increased their U.S. capacity by a whopping 61 percent this year, and it’s now three times cheaper to fly from Los Angeles to Dublin than from New York to Boston.

For example, the New York to Boston flight on the Delta shuttle could easily cost $400 in coach.

A friend of mine flew from Los Angeles to Dublin, with a free three-day stopover in Iceland—on newcomer WOW airlines—for $110 dollars.

It’s even more absurd when you break it down—the actual fare was $28.80. Taxes and fees were $81.20.

The same airline is now offering round-trip tickets to Tel Aviv for $199.

How long will these deals continue?

Something to consider: This is supposed to be the high summer travel season. There’s every reason to believe many of these deals will extend through 2017.

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