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Travel Tip: Buying Plane Tickets? Why You Should Measure Time vs. Price

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The next time you’re searching for a flight online, scroll down from top to bottom.

You’ll notice the least expensive flights are posted first.

However, you need to look at the specific schedules of those cheap flights.

How many stops will you make?

How many times will you change planes?

If you only go by price, you could be in for a very long flight (or flights), and the dollar difference could be minimal.

I was recently searching for a flight from New York to Hong Kong.

The first listed flight had a very attractive fare, but the trip duration was 33 hours.

It made two stops, each with ridiculously long layovers.

But as I scrolled down, I found a flight that was just $17 more, and the duration was only 18 hours, with a quick stopover in South Korea.

So how much is your time worth?

Remember, don’t just choose the cheapest flight at the top of the list. Figure out how long that flight really takes.

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