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Travel Tip: How Worldwide Perceptions Could Impact Travel to the U.S.

The words “travel ban” can have a chilling effect on tourism that goes way beyond any affected country on the list.

The economic impact can be substantial whenever there’s a shift in tourism and travel patterns.

In the world of tourism competitiveness, the U.S. now ranks sixth—when citizens of one country leave to visit another, stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, and shop. This is considered a huge financial export.

While the U.S. is only ranked sixth, it still makes the most money from its visitors—$488 billion is generated from tourism.

The average expenditure per visitor (per trip) is an impressive $2,638.

Last year, the total number of tourists worldwide increased by 46 million to 1.2 billion people.

That number is not expected to go down, but in the wake of the travel ban, there is a fear that the number may be redistributed to destinations other than the U.S.

That could easily hurt jobs, the tax base, and of course, revenue.

Stay tuned.

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