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Travel Tip: What the Travel Ban Means for Americans

airportIt’s been a little more than a month since President Trump signed the first executive order that created a travel ban for citizens of seven separate countries.

That was successfully challenged in the courts, and ultimately the Trump Administration chose not to pursue additional appeals.

Now the administration has issued a second, revised executive order on visas and immigration.

The net effect of these executive orders, whether they are upheld by the courts or not, is to create a continued environment of global uncertainty and fear that goes far beyond our borders.

The first executive order had a chilling effect on travel demand and bookings on a global scale.

From many destinations, airlines, hotels, and cruise ships, there is serious discounting.

These are not just for the next few weeks—but for the next few months.

If you hold a valid U.S. passport, your fear factor has been reduced substantially.

Even with the revised presidential proposal on visas and immigration, the discounts show no signs of going away.

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