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Ask A Concierge: Discovering the Piñata District in Los Angeles

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Like most big cities, Los Angeles is made up of different neighborhoods. There’s Hollywood, Koreatown, the Venice Canals, and even Santee Alley, but there is also a Piñata District.

Taking up two blocks at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Central Avenue in downtown LA, you can find store after store dedicated to piñatas.

There is every kind of piñata you could imagine. You can get piñatas in the shape of fruit, different animals, cartoon characters, and you can even grab one resembling a politician or two. On the off chance you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can even order a custom-made piñata.

They also sell candy to fill your newly purchased piñata. So once you get your ingredients, you can pummel until your heart’s content. Do something different for your next get-together or visit to Los Angeles, and head down to LA’s Piñata District to snag the perfect party accessory!

Strolling along Olympic and walking by all the stores filled with Technicolor piñatas, there is a moment where it doesn’t feel like you are in Los Angeles anymore. If you are adventurous enough, I suggest trying a fresh pupusa or taco from a local vendor’s cart for a truly authentic experience.

Located at East Olympic Avenue near South Central Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles, Piñata District is open every day…but is the liveliest on the weekends.

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