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Travel Tip: How You Can Travel & Earn Money on a Workation

Ever hear of something called a workation?

It’s a new concept where you travel abroad and take your work with you.

A lot of services now offer this travel/work option.

DigitalOutposts is one company—you spend two weeks to two months in another location and simply do the work from there.

Surf Office is a website that claims you will build productivity under the sun.

This is a site where businesses relocate entire teams to work together at the beach.

The cost is reasonable, starting at $48 per person per day.

Then there’s something called SecondHouse, where you get an upscale vacation home that you share with other members who also need a very attractive vacation home atmosphere.

This is a membership club with annual dues of $450, and rooms start at $70 a night.

For more information about earning and spending money while you travel, check out:

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