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Travel Tip: What You Should Know About Visiting Cuba Right Now

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Image Credit: Insight Cuba

Image Credit: Insight Cuba

It took decades, but the first U.S.-based cruise ship has now sailed to Cuba.

Many more cruises are about to embark to the once-forbidden island nation.

This fall, U.S. airlines should begin regularly scheduled service to Cuba.

They’ll fly to more than eight different destinations in that country.

The mad rush to be the first on your block to get to Cuba has begun.

But here’s my advice.

If you haven’t already gone, this may not be the best time to suddenly stand in a growing line to get there.

It’s all about infrastructure and price.

Right now, Cuba doesn’t have enough hotel rooms to handle the demand.

Even for day trippers on cruise ships, it doesn’t have enough bathrooms.

What’s worse is that this country will soon succumb to the unforgiving laws of supply and demand—price gouging.

The country can’t suddenly increase the production of cigars or rum.

You know what that means: The price of even one so-called authentic Cuban cigar is about to soar.

For the next year, no matter how strong your desire to go to Cuba, you might want to wait.

Instead, you should focus on other Caribbean islands that could be forced to offer discounts as the market makes a dramatic shift to Cuba.

Wait for the infrastructure to catch up, or be prepared for serious sticker shock for that mojito—and a very long line for the bathroom.

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