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Travel Tip: Fees to Watch Out for When You Rent a Car

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chevy_volt_electric_carWhen planning your next trip, most of you pay close attention to your airline ticket cost, the price of your hotel room, and perhaps the additional cost of extra excursions.

But few of us pay  attention to the cost of our rental cars.

What about refueling charges?

Some companies charge more than $9 per gallon if they have to fill up your tank at the end of a rental.

Tolls—be especially focused on this, since it gets tricky.

If you’re not careful, an electronic toll on an unfamiliar road will trigger additional fees.

Check with your rental company so you don’t get hit with automatic fees you didn’t anticipate.

Last but not least, don’t forget about parking and traffic violations: these can get automatically charged to your credit card, with an additional $30 fee.

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