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Travel Tip: The One-Way Car Rental

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carsIf you haven’t noticed lately, the cost of getting from your home or from a hotel to the airport has gotten very expensive, whether you’re going by taxi or Uber.

If you have any luggage, taking public transportation is often not practical—or easy.

If you take your own car, the daily parking rates at most airports are prohibitive.

But if you do the math and run the real numbers, there’s a solution in many cities—the one-way car rental.

Go to a local car rental agency of a major company, like Avis, Hertz, National, or Budget.

Rent the smallest car, which in many cases can go for as little as $29 a day.

Then take that car wherever you need to go, drop it off at the airport, and take your flight.

No expensive cab or Uber rides, no parking fees, and no drop off charges.

Just remember to fill the tank before you return the car, because the refueling fee that rental car companies charge is excessive.

But—for less than $40 in most cases—you’ve saved money.

Plus, you can do the exact same thing on your return.

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