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Travel Tip: What Auctions on Seat Upgrades Mean for You

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wingAs travelers, we’re all in constant competition for that coveted seat upgrade.

For years, you got an upgrade if you had enough miles.

Or, if you’d achieved a high frequent flyer status, the upgrade was almost automatic.

But these days, in an effort to drive even more revenue, about 40 airlines have begun to auction off upgrades to passengers who make the highest bid.

Some of the upgrade auctions can be found on individual apps. Others you sign up for.

Those who register at Singapore Airlines will get an email from the airline with the notice of an auction.

Then they get to make an individual cash bid for what they’re willing to pay to get bumped up.

Twenty-four hours before the flight they find out if they’re a winner.

This drastically reduces the opportunity of getting an upgrade with miles or because of your existing frequent flyer status.

To many frequent flyers, this new auction system is considered an insult.

Since they’ve worked so hard to earn miles, they think they should qualify for a direct redemption of that upgrade.

The true frequent flyers are staying in coach, opting to use their miles instead for a seat on a future flight.

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