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Travel Tip: Are Mileage Runs Actually Worth the Cost?

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Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

It happens every year.

Travelers look at the frequent mileage they’ve accrued during the year, and if they’ve fallen short of elite status, many of them go on something called a mileage run.

They simply buy a ticket and fly to a destination to earn just enough miles to get—or keep—their special status.

It has always been amazing to me the lengths that some folks would go to earn those last important miles.

It is a game that’s been played as long as there have been frequent flyer programs.

But now, the airlines have made it tougher to do mileage runs.

They award miles based on the fare you’ve paid, not the distance you’ve flown.

So for most frequent flyers, be warned.

If you’re short on the mileage needed to get top tier status, jumping on a long-haul flight won’t get you as many miles as you need. Or, it will cost you far too much.

Most of you are better off using your mileage program credit card instead.

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