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Travel Tip: How Often Do You Watch the Inflight Safety Video?

airplaneWhen was the last time you paid attention to the inflight safety video, or read the placard placed in the seat-back in front of you?

Chances are high that both questions provoked a blank stare.

We either don’t bother to watch the video or we outright ignore it.

Then, in the event of an emergency requiring the evacuation of the aircraft, we do everything wrong.

It starts with our carry-on bags and purses and ends with our cell phones.

In order to be certified airworthy, every airline must demonstrate that it can effectively evacuate a full plane in less than 90 seconds with half the exits blocked.

Every airline passes the test. Why?

They get to pick who does the test, and every second counts.

Sadly, in almost every real-world emergency, the evacuation takes much longer.

Why? Passengers stop to retrieve their carry-on bags, others whip out their cell phones and take selfies or shoot video—and this is when the aircraft is on fire.

The rule is simple and direct: if you have to evacuate, get off the plane as quickly as possible.

Take nothing with you. Your life can depend on it.

Here’s a lesson from the Miracle on the Hudson flight: What happened to the passengers who left the plane with their bags?

That luggage ended up at the bottom of the river.

What about those who left without their bags? Their luggage was later returned to them.

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