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Travel Tip: What You Should Know About Tax Form 720

boarding passConsider this scenario: you buy a nonrefundable airline ticket but you don’t use it.

What happens to the taxes and fees you paid on a ticket you never used?

Shouldn’t they be refunded to you?

The airlines will tell you that the taxes and fees only apply to the sale of air travel—but not to the transportation itself.

Not necessarily so.

The law governing domestic taxes actually applies to taxable transportation.

Following that Internal Revenue Service code, that would mean the taxes and fees are refundable.

In fact, the IRS actually has a form. It’s called Form 720—which you can file for that refund.

Yes, it requires some paperwork.

Some would say it hasn’t been tested fully in the courts.

But depending on what you paid for a ticket you didn’t use, it might just be worth it to try.

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