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Travel Tip: Changes for Air Service and Cruise Travel to Cuba

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Image Credit: @insightcuba on Instagram

Image Credit: @insightcuba on Instagram

Six months ago, U.S. airlines were all jockeying for position to see who would be given permission to fly to Cuba.

Many of them won the right to fly to the once-forbidden island nation.

Then they all started flying.

A number of U.S. airlines have quietly cut back service and frequency to Cuba.

Silver Airways and Frontier Airlines have announced that they will suspend their flights to Cuba in the coming months.

Silver, which flies to nine destinations in Cuba, will cease service to the island on April 22.

Frontier will stop flying to Cuba in July.

Why? There are just too many flights and too many airlines flying to the same destination.

While there’s been a cutback or elimination of Cuba service by the airlines, cruise lines have a different story.

Six different cruise lines have been given the rights by the Cuban government to sail to the island—and they’re all going to go.

So what does this mean to you? A fare war might break out to stimulate demand between the cruise lines.

Also, consider this: you won’t need to find a hotel room once you’re there.

How will Cuba handle what promises to be an explosion in cruise ship passengers?

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