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Travel Tip: Common Airfare Travel Scams You Could See on the Internet

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airportYou know the old saying: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Well, that certainly applies to travel, which is why travel scams are so widespread.

These scams are happening more and more online, as travelers are being offered free airline tickets on websites.

You’ll see an offer pop up on your screen when you’re online.

It will offer you free airline tickets purporting to be from an airline you recognize. Just click the link.

My advice? Don’t do it.

There are no free tickets, but if you click that link, you’re going to a third party unaffiliated with any airline.

You’re also giving that party access to your personal information, including passwords to your own social media account, or even worse, credit card information.

This is also true when making hotel reservations online.

You’ll see familiar-looking logos for major hotel brands.

But before clicking that link, call the hotel directly to ask if it is part of this special offer.

When it comes to anything offered as free, always have a conversation directly with the travel provider.

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